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Defenchess is a free, open source UCI chess engine written in C++. This project has been created purely as a hobby and a challenge for ourselves to create a strong chess engine. It is meant to be used with a UCI compatible chess GUI.


  • Hash

    The size of the transposition table in megabytes. (default 16)

  • Threads

    The number of threads used while searching. (default 1)

  • SyzygyPath

    The path to the Syzygy Tablebase WDL/DTZ files. (default empty)

  • MoveOverhead

    The minimum amount of time in milliseconds to be left on the clock while moving. Should be increased if the engine is losing on time. (default 100)

Special thanks

  • Donna and the Chess Programming Wiki for the inspiration and helping us understand the basics of chess engines
  • Stockfish and many other open source chess engines for many of the ideas/optimizations used in our engine
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