recordselectedwindow is a simple wrapper around byzanz-record for recording selected windows as animated gifs
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recordselectedwindow creates animated gif files by recording windows that are selected with mouse. It is a simple wrapper around byzanz-record and it relies on the tools xdotool and xwininfo for X.

The default duration for recording is 10 seconds and the default filename for the animation is WindowRecording{Timestamp}.gif.


To start recording a gif animation with filename example1.gif, we write

$ ./recordselectedwindow example1.gif

The recording starts when we choose a window with the mouse. Since the duration is not specified, the animation in example1.gif is a recording of 10 seconds.

Example animation 1

We can change the duration to 5 seconds by

$ ./recordselectedwindow -d 5 example2.gif

Example animation 2