An IRC bot that provides positive random integers
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RndBot is an IRC bot that provides positive random numbers as replies to messages containing the text "rndbotrnd". The random numbers are obtained from

How to install and start the bot

It seems that the current easiest way of installation is cloning the repository:

git clone

After that we need to install the dependencies with Mix (which comes with Elixir):

cd rndbot
mix deps.get

We can then start the program in iex. To do that, first start iex:

iex -S mix

Then in iex, we start the bot with:

iex> bot = RndBot.Bot.start

If server and nick are not specified (as RndBot.Bot.start("server", "nick")), the bot automatically connects to and takes the nick rndbotrnd. After connection, the bot automatically joins the channel #rndbottest. Commands can be sent to the bot inside iex to make it join other channels as well:

send bot, {:cmd, {:join, "otherchannel"}}

What does RndBot do?

It provides random integers for a given range. For instance, when it sees a message "rndbotrnd 1-100", it returns a random integer (obtained from within the interval [1,100].