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Céu-libuv supports the development of libuv applications in the programming language Céu:

libuv libuv is a multi-platform C library that provides support for asynchronous I/O based on event loops.

Céu is a reactive language that aims to offer a higher-level and safer alternative to C:

Céu-libuv empowers the development of libuv applications with the following extensions:

  • Awaiting events in direct/sequential style.
  • Parallel lines of execution with
    • safe abortion;
    • deterministic behavior (in contrast with threads).
  • Asynchronous loops for heavy computations.
  • Seamless integration with standard C (e.g., random, strlen, etc).


Install libuv:

$ sudo apt-get install libuv1-dev

(Assuming a Linux/Ubuntu machine.)

Install Céu:

Clone Céu-libuv:

$ git clone
$ cd ceu-libuv/
$ git checkout v0.30

Compile and Run

Edit the Makefile to point to your ceu directory and then run make:

$ gedit Makefile
$ make

If necessary, configure the variables in the Makefile. The default example prints the time elapsing during 5 seconds.

To compile and run another application, run make and set CEU_SRC:

$ make CEU_SRC=<path-to-ceu-application>


The samples/ directory contains a number of examples.

To run all examples one after another, run make samples:

$ make samples

Opening a File

The example fs-00.ceu opens file.txt and prints open ok after the file is ready for use. In case of failure, prints open error along with the error code:

#include "uv/fs.ceu"

var& UV_FS_File file;

var int? err =
    watching UV_FS_Open("file.txt", _O_RDONLY, 0) -> (&file) do
        await file.ok;
        // file is ready for use
        _printf("open ok\n");
if err? then
    _printf("open error: %d\n", err!);

escape 0;

Read from and Write to Files

The example fs-08.ceu reads input.txt line by line and writes each line to output.txt:

#include "uv/fs.ceu"

var& UV_FS_File w_file;
var& UV_FS_File r_file;

var int     w_flags = _O_CREAT|_O_WRONLY;
var _mode_t w_mode  = _S_IRUSR|_S_IWUSR|_S_IRGRP|_S_IWGRP|_S_IROTH;

var int? w_err =
    watching UV_FS_Open("/tmp/output.txt",w_flags,w_mode) -> (&w_file) do
        var int? r_err =
            watching UV_FS_Open("/tmp/input.txt",_O_RDONLY,0) -> (&r_file) do
                par/and do
                    await w_file.ok;
                    await r_file.ok;

                var usize off = 0;
                loop do
                    vector[] byte line;

                    // read
                    var ssize n = await UV_FS_ReadLine(&r_file,&line,off);
                    if n <= 0 then
                    line = line .. [{'\n'}];

                    // write
                    var ssize n = await UV_FS_Write(&w_file,&line,$line,off);
                    _ceu_dbg_assert(n>=0 and (n as usize)==$line);

                    off = off + (n as usize);
        if r_err? then
            _printf("read open error: %d\n", r_err!);
if w_err? then
    _printf("write open error: %d\n", w_err!);

escape 0;