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Using TOPAZ in a Modified version of GEMS

Thats true, no one has a untouched GEMS. Next we will provide a short guide that explains how to merge your a non-original GEMS branch with TOPAZ. In order to do it we will assume using the Windriver version of GEMS, whcih supports Simics 4+.

Lets assume that $GEMS_MODIFIED points to the directory where patched GEMS is located and $GEMS the directory downloaded from our repository. To apply it

#Example used as MODIFIED version of GEMS
shell$ tar xzvf gems-release2.1.1.tar.gz
shell$ mv ./gems-2.1.1/ $GEMS_MODIFIED
shell$ wget ""
shell$ tar xzvf gems2.1.1_patch1.tgz
shell$ cd $GEMS_MODIFIED
shell$ patch -p1 < ../patched/patches/flatten.patch
shell$ patch -p1 < ../patched/patches/compiler.update
shell$ patch -p1 < ../patched/patches/

Now you have a Simics 4.0 ready to run ruby (opal does not work). Lets assume we are using Simics 4.2. We edit common/Makefile.simics_version to reflect that and create a workspace in $GEMS_ROOT/simics_42_workspace. Execute $GEMS_ROOT/scripts/ and you will be ready to compile

Merging with GEMS-TOPAZ

We need to use mercurial. For the previous example, we create a new repository within:

shell$ cd $GEMS_MODIFIED
shell$ hg init .
shell$ echo ".DS_Store
*.defaults*" >>.hgignore
shell$ hg add *
shell$ hg commit  -m "My Modified GEMS"

Now we can merge with previously cloned GEMS repository:

shell$ cd $GEMS_MODIFIED
shell$ hg pull -f $GEMS
shell$ hg merge -r tip -t kdiff3
... (Be patient here. Probably it is a good idea to get a list of files touched by topaz integration)

A guide to merge all files is provided here

In this particular case (simics4.0 patch), it is necessary to modify $(GEMS_MODIFIED)/ruby/module/Makefile to link against libtpz.a

Future Modifications of TOPAZ interface

To download future TOPAZ integration to your modified of GEMS, you could use Hg Transplant extension

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