Record screen based on keyboard events into an animated GIF.
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Record screen based on keyboard events into an animated GIF. The script monitors the X server keyboard events and captures a screen after every KeyRelease event. If you do not type anything no screen gets recorded. This keeps the GIF small, if nothing interesting happens on the screen. The script measures the time between the events and writes the delays into the GIF. Recording gets activated and deactivated by pressing the Print key.

I wrote the script for a question at Stackexchange. The question contains two example screen casts.

This is a screen shot taken after a recording session.


It is not possible to record two screens at the same time. That is the reason, why I can not show a screen cast from xscreencast.

The script requires the following tools: xwininfo, xinput, xwd, convert. The first three are standard tools of the X server.

$ dpkg -S $(type -p xinput xwininfo xwd)
xinput: /usr/bin/xinput
x11-utils: /usr/bin/xwininfo
x11-apps: /usr/bin/xwd

The last is the graphics conversion tool ImageMagick.

$ dpkg -S $(readlink -f $(type -p convert))
imagemagick-6.q16: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ImageMagick-6.8.9/bin-Q16/convert


Right now only keyboard events will trigger the screen recording. It might be possible to extend the script for mouse events but I did not need it.