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Login to Azure Container Registry (ACR)
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Azure Container Registry (ACR) Login plugin

A Buildkite plugin for logging into Azure Container Registry to get access to private docker repos. Note: you will need to be logged into the Azure Command Line Interface to use this plugin:


The following pipeline will log into Azure CLI with the azure-login plugin, then login to ACR before building and pushing a docker container using the docker-compose plugin

  - label: ":docker: Build App Container"
      - cevoaustralia/azure-login#v0.0.1:
      - cevoaustralia/azure-acr-login#v0.0.1:
          name: MyACR
      - docker-compose#3.0.1:
          build: app
          image-repository: <MyACRRAddress>/my_awesome_app



name (string)

Name of the Azure Container Registry to connect to.

Note: this is the Name of the ACR (e.g. MyACR), not the login server address (e.g.

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