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Templer System Manual

Using ZopeSkel

Templer is derived from an earlier system -- ZopeSkel -- which was designed specifically for the needs of the Zope and Plone communities.

If you have worked with ZopeSkel in the past, you may continue to do so in the same way you always have. You will find that the selection of templates is a bit different, but the system works exactly as before.

For more information on using ZopeSkel, see :ref:`zopeskel` in this manual.

This manual covers the templer code generation system. Templer is a general-purpose system for generating code skeletons for any Python project from pre-defined templates. Through an interactive interface, the user provides information which is used to generate a skeleton of files and folders that fits their individual needs.

To get started quickly, see :doc:`Using Templer <quickstart>`.

Templer consists of a number of packages, each of which provides a set of templates. Install the package that you need for the templates you want.

If you are interested in extending the templer system with your own templates, read the developers manual.


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