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future support for
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@cardanians @cexplorer
"how-to-implement": "in your meta.json - define *extended* with url to this (json) file -",
"info": {
"url_png_icon_64x64": "http(s) url to pool icon; png format; not animated; max 40kb",
"url_png_logo": "http(s) url to pool logo; png format; not animated; max 50kb",
"location": "London, England",
"social": {
"twitter_handle": "cexplorer_io",
"telegram_handle": "cexplorer_io",
"facebook_handle": "",
"youtube_handle": "",
"twitch_handle": "",
"discord_handle": "",
"github_handle": "",
"patreon_handle": "",
"linkedin_handle": "",
"ada_handle": "$cexplorer"
"company": {
"name": "Company Name",
"addr": "Street, Number",
"city": "London",
"country": "England",
"company_id": "123456789",
"vat_id": "GB123456789"
"about": {
"me": "...",
"server": "Raspberry Pi Hosted at my Home in London 100MB up/down, solar energy.",
"company": "..."