Improvements to the module info page #75

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On the page for a particular module version (e.g. it would be helpful to know when it was published.

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That's already shown though: Published 13 days ago

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Apologies, I missed it. Perhaps we should consider reordering the rows, because there's a lot of short information which comes after the description (which could be really long, and indeed is for the example linked above). Does the description need to be the complete doc for the module? Maybe it would be better it is was just the first paragraph (perhaps with a 'more...' link to the module-doc, though I know we link to that separately).

My preferred order would be something like this (though I'm sure with a little thought we could some up with a less tabular layout):

  • Name
  • Backends
  • Compatible releases
  • Published
  • Stats
  • Info (which I'd rename 'Project links' or something)
  • Owner
  • Authors
  • License
  • Description
  • Dependencies
  • Usage
  • Links
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And the Usage:

  • We should include the Import that devs need to put in their module.ceylon pages
  • We should only show the command line and ant usages if the module is runnable?

(note: changed issue title)

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Right, I agree the module info page needs a complete overhaul, and I'll need help for that, but not for this version :(


I push a partial commit for this issue. Just need the sql update script to add the new "runnable" attribut in

@FroMage FroMage added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 24, 2012
@FroMage FroMage repo/view: made description toggle use css to hide stuff #75
like we do in ceylondoc, otherwise breaks are often invalid in markdown syntax
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Guess this is done now.

@FroMage FroMage closed this Sep 27, 2012
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