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The free book `Web Extensions for the builders`, by yours truly.
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Web Extensions for the Builders - The free web book

The free book Web Extensions for the builders, by yours truly.

Hello, I'm glad you found this project.

This is an ambitious project I have on writing a book about WebExtensions. Extensions are an underrated feature in browsers that, in my opinion, could be better explored given proper education about how to create one. Right no,w the documents we rely on are the MDN docs on WebExtensions and the Chrome Extension API page, which I don't think are friendly for all the people interested in building browser extensions.

That's why I started this project!

This will be a public book, with the ambitious goal of being a complimentary reference about WebExtensions, aside from the official documentation.

Why naming it "WebExtensions for the builders"?

Extensions are a wildly used feature, not only by developers, but for several people looking to improve their productivity, staying up-to-date with things they like, or just looking to improve their browsing experience overall. Not all the people who code are programmers, but they are all builders. This book is for all the people interested in creating extensions. All the builders. All of us. :)

What this book will cover?

Chapters propoposed for this book and other information are available in the wiki.

I'd like to contribute!

The book is in early stage at the moment, but I'd appreciate to hear your thoughts. Please shoot me a message via DM on Twitter. (DMs open).



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