Extension to access your Twitter from the Google Chrome browser.
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Silver Bird

  1. What is it?

    Silver Bird is a general purpose Chromium twitter extension.

  2. Installing

    Get it at the chrome web store

    or Download it directly from GitHub

  3. Compatibility

    It works on all Chrome distribution channels: Stable, Beta and Dev.

  4. Features

    • Follow your timelines and navigate through your tweets
    • Notify user through icon changes whenever new tweets arrive
    • Compose, reply, and RT tweets
    • Read / unread tweets tracking
    • OAuth authentication
    • Tweets caching to avoid hitting Twitter's API rate limit (Only hit Twitter after 1 minute or when fetching uncached tweets)
    • It uses Chromium autoupdate feature, so you won't be left behind
  5. License

    This project uses the very simple and permissive MIT license. Check the LICENSE file.

  6. Credits

    Chiara De Liberato - Italian translation