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1.8.0 (2010-04-12)
* New right-click context menu in the tabs area, allowing you to:
- Dynamically add and remove new tabs;
- Include and remove timelines from the unified one;
- Enable and disable notifications and icon changes for each timeline;
* Allowing users to add custom search tabs!
* Lots of new features by Takuo Kitame: (Thanks a lot dude!)
- Suspend and resume timeline updates;
- Users' avatar are shown in an awesome new way for RTs;
- Showing images thumbnail for some twitter image services;
- Showing preview map and link for geotagged tweets;
- Showing subscribed lists in lists drop-down menu;
* Filtering out retweets from blocked users (Thanks Geoffrey Lee!)
* Marking tweets as read if desktop notifications are manually closed
* Switching to service for expanding urls as seems to be dead
* Fixing an old bug that caused the unified timeline to stop working sometimes
* Fixing progress bar not showing sometimes in desktop notifications
* Not always reverting to on page notifications when notifications aren't immediately shown
1.7.0 (2010-03-17)
* Allowing popup window to be dynamically resized
* Adding support to microblogging service
(Right now you can use either Twitter or, but that's a non-issue with
* Full support for desktop notifications on platforms that have them available
(You'll have to enable them in the options page.)
* Greatly improving options page making it a lot smarter about options that require the extension to be restarted
* New awesome statistical method of verifying when API hits are ending too fast
(Including a useless but awesome looking tendency graph in the options page.)
* Simplifying configuring Twitter API url endpoints
* Linkifying urls starting with 'www.'
* Adding an action link to refresh the current timeline
* Adding option to include page title when clicking the 'Share current page' icon
* Trying to workaround OAuth failures due to incorrect client time settings
* Silently ignoring errors when fetching lists until manually trying to update them
* Fixing bug that caused reply to all feature to skip some users
* Fixing error messages not showing correctly when using unified timeline
* Fixing some bugs regarding timeline updates after sending a tweet
* Better handling persistent variables across the code
* Updating jQuery version to 1.4.2
1.6.1 (2010-02-18)
(Small release only with bugfixes.)
* Better handling OAuth authentication page with multiple clones.
(To better support multiple accounts with
* Fixing overlapping names in Darkness theme
* Trying to address bug with fonts going back to original state after a while
1.6.0 (2010-02-08)
* Awesome new unified timeline. Now you can select multiple timelines and join them
in a single one. (You can disable this feature in the options page)
* Expanding shortened URLs while hovering them. (Disableable)
* Allowing tweets to be colored depending on their original timeline
* Allowing using alpha channel in all colorpickers shown in the options page
* Adding font family and font size configurations in the options page
* Changing default font family to Helvetica due to some render problems
people were having with Lucida, the previous default one
* Changing refresh interval settings to use seconds instead of milliseconds
* Adding shortener
* Fixing bug that caused html entities to be confounded with hash tags
* Fixing background color for retweet bubble in Darkness theme (Thanks pmbarros)
1.5.1 (2010-02-01)
(Mostly bugfixes, major release coming next weekend)
* Fixed issue causing tweets to stop updating when closing the popup window while scrolling down
* Fixed issue that caused API hits even after logging out
* Proper initializing badge text to avoid stalled new tweets count
* Groundwork for using desktop notification (still disabled and not in the options page)
* New url shortener: (Thanks Edward J. Yoon)
* Fixed issue causing reply all feature to include user's own screenname to the tweet (Thanks Xiaoxin Lu [hyperlink])
* Added custom scrollbars to darkness theme (Thanks hyperlink)
* Fixed darkness theme where character counter was not visible (Thanks hyperlink)
1.5.0 (2010-01-24)
* Re-enabling 1.4.9 fixes and features
* Added an awesome new theme: "Darkness" (Thank you Xiaoxin Lu [hyperlink])
* Added option to reply to all people mentioned in a tweet. You'll
need to enable it in the options page. (Thanks to Xiaoxin Lu)
* Fixing @mentions and #hashtags links for some specific cases
* Fixing bug that caused timeline to stop updating with jQuery 1.4
* Added some dev scripts to make it easier to pack the extension (2010-01-20)
(Emergency release due to 1.4.9 bugs, reverting to 1.4.8 adding only
the fix for the 'gray square' bug when opening the extension.
New features in 1.4.9 will be *disabled* until next release.)
1.4.9 (2010-01-19)
(Another minor release with a few features and many bugfixes)
* Allowing newlines in tweets (Thanks hyperlink!)
* Allowing adding people to reply to by clicking their name or the reply icon
* Linking timestamp to tweet's page
* Adding option to display both nickname and real name
* Updating jQuery to version 1.4
* Groundwork on i18n (Thanks Ikke!)
* Experimenting with running as a standalone app (chrome.exe --app=path/to/popup.html)
* Fixing JQuery error loading background page (Thanks Naouak!)
* Fixing styles for warnings on whispers theme (Thanks hyperlink!)
* Fixing bug that caused the extension not to work right after opening Chrome
* Fixing tabs not showing after being re-enabled
* Fixing possible crash when submiting tweets with Ctrl-Enter
* Noticing retweets that have been also retweeted by the user
1.4.8 (2010-01-10)
(This version contains mostly bug fixes and stability improvements)
* Allowing tweets to be marked as read by clicking
* Allowing users to configure how long they want to hover a tweet to mark it as read
* Adding a few other url shorteners (,,
* Adding link to the options page
* Dropping using Sexy Combo for a simpler approach (called Simple Select)
* Better handling tabs overflow allowing popup to grow larger
* Better error handling during OAuth authentication
* Fixing potential leak in OAuth's PIN listener
* Fixing notifications not showing for lists timelines
* Fixing crash when disabling home timeline
* Fixing @mentions matches inside URLs.
* Fixing trying to load timelines for unselected lists
1.4.2 (2010-01-06)
* Bugfix: Older versions of Chrome (beta channel) don't support 'allFrames'
attribute when calling executeScript() and insertCSS()
1.4.1 (2010-01-05)
* Fixing nasty bug when lists timelines are disabled.
1.4.0 (2010-01-05)
* Adding a Favorites and Lists timelines
* Allowing users to configure witch tabs will be displayed
* Allowing to use personal account (Thanks Michael Ceyko)
* Allowing users to configure how long notifications will be displayed
* Detecting and warning excessive API hits
* Improving error handling
* Fixing notifications in a lot of pages, mainly ones with multiple frames
* Fixing scroll after sending a tweet
* Not hidding OAuth's PIN number
1.2.0 (2009-12-13)
* Showing tweets as soon as they arrive (Can be enabled/disabled for each timeline in the options page)
* Allowing tweets to be deleted
* Allowing tweets to be marked and unmarked as favorite
* Allowing links to be opened in a background tab. (Middle clicking or Ctrl-clicking the link)
* Allowing users to manually enter Twitter's OAuth Pin
* Allowing users to mark all tweets in the timeline as read
* Reworking actions on tweets using icons instead of links
* Reworking options page adding options to:
- Change icon colors and notification settings
- Change displayed name in tweets
- Change request timeout
- Change Twitter's API endpoint
* Correcly handling replies to Direct Messages
* Fixing new tweets count when tweets are shown in more than one timeline
* Fixing word-wrapping in tweets
* Fixing popup going crazy when showing error messages
* Showing returned error while fetching OAuth's request token
1.0.1 (2009-12-03)
* Fixing bug causing tweets to stay on the timeline forever (only after tweaking with the options page)
1.0 (2009-12-03)
* Integration with URL Shortener services, including an option to shorten the current page
* Ability to use Twitter's retweet feature (old RT still available through 'share' option)
* Showing 'from' and 'in reply to' information
* Making some options available through a bare-bones options page
* Lots of performance tweaks
* Lots of improvements with keyboard navigation
* Improving error messages when calls to Twitter's API fail
* Big cleanup reducing extension size
* Fixing bug that would incorrectly identify hashtags inside URLs
* Fixing bug causing replies without in_reply_to_id
* Fixing bug when denying OAuth authorization
* Fixing some UI bugs
0.51 (2009-11-24)
* This version fixes some bugs introduced with OAuth authentication, it also
fixes an old bug regarding popup resizing.
0.5 (2009-11-23)
* Tabs allowing you to check your @replies and direct messages
* Switching authentication to OAuth (now Twitter shows 'from Chromed Bird' yay!)
* Showing badge text with new tweets count
* Correctly handling replies to a specific tweet
* Fixing freezing after sending a direct message
0.4 (2009-11-17)
* Adding theme support and a new default theme (Thanks Will Ryan)
* Improved navigation with an endless scrollbar intelligently fetching older tweets
* Switching to home_timeline, RT's are now displayed correctly
* Closing the popup doesn't erase tweets being composed
* Better tweet timestamp handling with relative dates
* Lots of small fixes in cache consistency
0.3 (2009-11-06)
* Tracking read / unread tweets
* Notifying users when new tweets are available
* Adding a "Remember me" option
* Connecting to Twitter's API through HTTPS
* [FIX] Limiting profile image size.
* [FIX] Password field now allow any special characters.
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