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* Using version 1.1 of Twitter API. Everything should be working again. (2012-03-07)
* Further attempts in trying to solve memory leaks, now I think it's solved (2012-03-05)
* General clean up trying to solve memory leaks. (2012-02-29)
* Correcly handling tweet media entities and html entities. (2012-02-26)
* Using tweet entities if available instead of manually parsing tweets.
* Fixing bug preventing extension from working on Chrome 19+ ( (2011-07-30)
* Addressing many possible security issues involving XSS vulnerable points. (Thanks Nicholas and UC Berkeley folks for pointing them out.)
* Many improvements for image thumbnails: (Thanks Maxin, Jon, ayanamist)
- Better positioning;
- Showing even for shortened urls;
- Handling more services. (2011-07-02)
* More fixes regarding Twitter's new permission levels. (2011-06-30)
* Correctly requiring a new authentication after receiving a access denied error. (2011-05-28)
* So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good bye Chromed Bird. Welcome Silver Bird. The extension has been renamed. (2011-05-24)
* Fixed bug that caused timelines to stop updating for possibly long time. (2011-05-24)
* Adding options to control how we show notifications from retweets of tweets written by me;
- Default is to only show a notification for the first retweet.
* Correctly handling blocked users and making sure they never show on any timeline;
* Making sure we restart after enabling/disabling streaming;
* Better handling stale streaming connections;
* Correctly displaying retweets by me;
* Correctly calculating the number of new tweets. (2011-05-18)
* Correctly suspending and resuming when using user streams;
* Prevent duplicated tweets in timelines using user streams. (2011-05-14)
* Fixing a few glitches with streaming API reconnecting. (2011-05-14)
* Support for OAuth authentication (Thanks a lot Rafael Vargas);
* Using Twitter's streaming API by default;
* Showing some dangerous actions in a second level inside the actions menu;
* Added block and report as span actions;
* Correctly changing trending topics locale;
* Fixed automatically getting the PIN after Twitter OAuth authentication;
* Fixed occasional flickering when hovering tweets;
* Fixed popup growing too large in height;
* Updated Turkish translation (Thanks Berker Peksag);
* Updated Galician translation (Thanks Antonio Pérez);
* Updated Azerbaijani translation (Thanks Tural). (2011-04-03)
* Added "Trends" link showing currently trending topics with the ability to
change the region on the options page (Thanks Rafael Vargas);
* Experimental support for Twitter's streaming API. Enable it on the options page
for near real time timeline updates;
* Improved compatibility with (Sending OAuth params on HTTP header);
* Lots of fixes for desktop notification misbehavior;
* Returning to previously selected tab after closing a tab;
* Azerbaijani localization (Thanks Tural Əlisoy);
* New url shortener (Thanks Arthur Furlan) and;
* Improved support to img.ur (Thanks Shelby DeNike) (2010-12-11)
* Fixing bug that caused timelines to stop updating after a timeout. (2010-12-06)
* Fixing mobile notifications being always enabled when following a user;
* Fixing snowflake caused id truncation when showing "in reply to" tweets;
* Fixing OAuth errors due to incorrect timestamps by adjusting the local
clock based on server's timestamp. (2010-11-23)
* Stupid bug preventing updates now fixed. (2010-11-23)
* Lots of fixes related to the way we update timelines;
* Improved Turkish translation. (Thanks Berker) (2010-11-19)
* Reverting the way we get new tweets to the way it was before 1.9.6
Many people reported problems with Chromed Bird not updating correctly
so I'm reverting this changes until I'm able to investigate this
further. (2010-11-16)
* Avoiding annoying notifications for messages sent by the current user.
1.9.6 (2010-11-15)
* Integration with image upload services! (Sorry, only for Chrome 8+ and not yet on OS X)
* Allowing users to change the default locale in the options page;
* Making sure we always fetch all new tweets, even if there's a huge amount of them;
* Showing sent DMs along with received ones in the DMs tab;
* Correctly handling credentials to pro accounts;
* Fixed the way we show links to lists;
* Fixed ordering in autocomplete;
* Fixed opening the tabs context menu with Ctrl-click;
* Added image preview;
* Fixed shortener not working. (2010-10-26)
* New Ukrainian translation (Thanks usercard!);
* Improved Turkish translation (Thanks Onur Baykaş!);
* Fixed some resizing bugs that caused the layout to go insane;
* Changed the behavior of middle clicks in users to just open their profile
(Left clicks or right clicks still open the action menu.);
* Fixed a memory leak caused by adding listeners to the same event multiple times;
* Getting ready to Snowflake (Twitter's new id generator) by using _str ids.
1.9.5 (2010-10-21)
* Showing a inline menu with different actions after clicking user's names or avatars
This will allow you to follow/unfollow users, create a new search tab with messages from
this user or open the user's profile page (previous default behavior).
* Expanding original messages for replies (when clicking the 'in reply to' link). (Thanks Yuki!);
* Optimized autocompletion (Thanks again Yuki);
* Opening hashtags inside Chromed Bird itself as a new search tab;
* Allowing users to detach the popup windows (still needs some improvement);
* Introduced a report showing the state of each one of the existing translations (bottom of the options page);
* Fixed the behavior of middle-click and ctrl-click in links, correctly leaving the popup still opened.
* Added, and minify shorteners;
* Cleaning and fixing up the code after running it through JavasScript Lint.
1.9.2 (2010-10-08)
* Arghh, invalid locale name (de_DE) was still causing installation errors.
1.9.1 (2010-10-07)
* Updated translations (Thanks to Antonio Perez, Onur Baykaş, Vladimir Yakovlev and Dima Mikhailov);
* Better status updates error handling;
* Fixing middle-click behavior for recent Chrome versions;
* Fixing encoding for German translation (Failing installation);
* Fixing small bug in url expanding.
1.9.0 (2010-09-28)
It's awesome to have such a big list of contributors. Thanks a lot guys!!!
* By Takuo Kitame:
- Previewing tweetphoto pictures;
* By Kevin Daudt:
- Initial I18N support and Dutch localization.
* By Antonio Pérez:
- Inserting shortened urls at caret position;
- Full I18N support and Spanish localization. (That was a HUGE!)
* By Dirk Raeder:
- German localization.
* By Vladimir Yakovlev:
- Russian localization.
* By Yuki:
- Opening retweeter page when clicking on it;
- Case insensitive username autocomplete.
* By Manuel Aguete:
- Added url shortener.
* By Stewart Allen:
- Added support for the yourls self hosted url shortener.
* By Berker Peksag:
- Turkish localization.
* By Bryan Donlan:
- LOTS of work on important XSS security issues. Thanks a lot!
* Brazilian Portuguese localization
* Fixed up and down keys not working properly;
* Enabling desktop notifications by default, users will have to manually switch back to on page if they prefer them;
* New option to limit the number of notifications shown at the same time;
* Ability to load balance between two different url expander services ( and
* Lots of cleanup and improvements in the way desktop notifications are rendered;
* Fixing geo tagged tweets maps;
* Other bugs fixes and minor stuff.
1.8.5 (2010-05-13)
Thanks a lot to every contributor! That's why I love FOSS.
* By Takuo Kitame:
- Showing verified account badge;
- Allowing the remaining API hits being shown inside the popup window.
* By Vargas:
- Added url shortener;
- Improved hash-tag regex.
* By James Brown:
- Improved url matching regex.
* Better code to deal with status updates to avoid posting duplicated tweets;
* Disabling retweets for users with protected messages;
* Username autocompletion just begin typing @ or 'd ';
* Many small bug fixes and better timeout values when talking with Twitter's API;
1.8.0 (2010-04-12)
* New right-click context menu in the tabs area, allowing you to:
- Dynamically add and remove new tabs;
- Include and remove timelines from the unified one;
- Enable and disable notifications and icon changes for each timeline;
* Allowing users to add custom search tabs!
* Lots of new features by Takuo Kitame: (Thanks a lot dude!)
- Suspend and resume timeline updates;
- Users' avatar are shown in an awesome new way for RTs;
- Showing images thumbnail for some twitter image services;
- Showing preview map and link for geotagged tweets;
- Showing subscribed lists in lists drop-down menu;
* Filtering out retweets from blocked users (Thanks Geoffrey Lee!)
* Marking tweets as read if desktop notifications are manually closed
* Switching to service for expanding urls as seems to be dead
* Fixing an old bug that caused the unified timeline to stop working sometimes
* Fixing progress bar not showing sometimes in desktop notifications
* Not always reverting to on page notifications when notifications aren't immediately shown
1.7.0 (2010-03-17)
* Allowing popup window to be dynamically resized
* Adding support to microblogging service
(Right now you can use either Twitter or, but that's a non-issue with
* Full support for desktop notifications on platforms that have them available
(You'll have to enable them in the options page.)
* Greatly improving options page making it a lot smarter about options that require the extension to be restarted
* New awesome statistical method of verifying when API hits are ending too fast
(Including a useless but awesome looking tendency graph in the options page.)
* Simplifying configuring Twitter API url endpoints
* Linkifying urls starting with 'www.'
* Adding an action link to refresh the current timeline
* Adding option to include page title when clicking the 'Share current page' icon
* Trying to workaround OAuth failures due to incorrect client time settings
* Silently ignoring errors when fetching lists until manually trying to update them
* Fixing bug that caused reply to all feature to skip some users
* Fixing error messages not showing correctly when using unified timeline
* Fixing some bugs regarding timeline updates after sending a tweet
* Better handling persistent variables across the code
* Updating jQuery version to 1.4.2
1.6.1 (2010-02-18)
(Small release only with bugfixes.)
* Better handling OAuth authentication page with multiple clones.
(To better support multiple accounts with
* Fixing overlapping names in Darkness theme
* Trying to address bug with fonts going back to original state after a while
1.6.0 (2010-02-08)
* Awesome new unified timeline. Now you can select multiple timelines and join them
in a single one. (You can disable this feature in the options page)
* Expanding shortened URLs while hovering them. (Disableable)
* Allowing tweets to be colored depending on their original timeline
* Allowing using alpha channel in all colorpickers shown in the options page
* Adding font family and font size configurations in the options page
* Changing default font family to Helvetica due to some render problems
people were having with Lucida, the previous default one
* Changing refresh interval settings to use seconds instead of milliseconds
* Adding shortener
* Fixing bug that caused html entities to be confounded with hash tags
* Fixing background color for retweet bubble in Darkness theme (Thanks pmbarros)
1.5.1 (2010-02-01)
(Mostly bugfixes, major release coming next weekend)
* Fixed issue causing tweets to stop updating when closing the popup window while scrolling down
* Fixed issue that caused API hits even after logging out
* Proper initializing badge text to avoid stalled new tweets count
* Groundwork for using desktop notification (still disabled and not in the options page)
* New url shortener: (Thanks Edward J. Yoon)
* Fixed issue causing reply all feature to include user's own screenname to the tweet (Thanks Xiaoxin Lu [hyperlink])
* Added custom scrollbars to darkness theme (Thanks hyperlink)
* Fixed darkness theme where character counter was not visible (Thanks hyperlink)
1.5.0 (2010-01-24)
* Re-enabling 1.4.9 fixes and features
* Added an awesome new theme: "Darkness" (Thank you Xiaoxin Lu [hyperlink])
* Added option to reply to all people mentioned in a tweet. You'll
need to enable it in the options page. (Thanks to Xiaoxin Lu)
* Fixing @mentions and #hashtags links for some specific cases
* Fixing bug that caused timeline to stop updating with jQuery 1.4
* Added some dev scripts to make it easier to pack the extension (2010-01-20)
(Emergency release due to 1.4.9 bugs, reverting to 1.4.8 adding only
the fix for the 'gray square' bug when opening the extension.
New features in 1.4.9 will be *disabled* until next release.)
1.4.9 (2010-01-19)
(Another minor release with a few features and many bugfixes)
* Allowing newlines in tweets (Thanks hyperlink!)
* Allowing adding people to reply to by clicking their name or the reply icon
* Linking timestamp to tweet's page
* Adding option to display both nickname and real name
* Updating jQuery to version 1.4
* Groundwork on i18n (Thanks Ikke!)
* Experimenting with running as a standalone app (chrome.exe --app=path/to/popup.html)
* Fixing JQuery error loading background page (Thanks Naouak!)
* Fixing styles for warnings on whispers theme (Thanks hyperlink!)
* Fixing bug that caused the extension not to work right after opening Chrome
* Fixing tabs not showing after being re-enabled
* Fixing possible crash when submiting tweets with Ctrl-Enter
* Noticing retweets that have been also retweeted by the user
1.4.8 (2010-01-10)
(This version contains mostly bug fixes and stability improvements)
* Allowing tweets to be marked as read by clicking
* Allowing users to configure how long they want to hover a tweet to mark it as read
* Adding a few other url shorteners (,,
* Adding link to the options page
* Dropping using Sexy Combo for a simpler approach (called Simple Select)
* Better handling tabs overflow allowing popup to grow larger
* Better error handling during OAuth authentication
* Fixing potential leak in OAuth's PIN listener
* Fixing notifications not showing for lists timelines
* Fixing crash when disabling home timeline
* Fixing @mentions matches inside URLs.
* Fixing trying to load timelines for unselected lists
1.4.2 (2010-01-06)
* Bugfix: Older versions of Chrome (beta channel) don't support 'allFrames'
attribute when calling executeScript() and insertCSS()
1.4.1 (2010-01-05)
* Fixing nasty bug when lists timelines are disabled.
1.4.0 (2010-01-05)
* Adding a Favorites and Lists timelines
* Allowing users to configure witch tabs will be displayed
* Allowing to use personal account (Thanks Michael Ceyko)
* Allowing users to configure how long notifications will be displayed
* Detecting and warning excessive API hits
* Improving error handling
* Fixing notifications in a lot of pages, mainly ones with multiple frames
* Fixing scroll after sending a tweet
* Not hidding OAuth's PIN number
1.2.0 (2009-12-13)
* Showing tweets as soon as they arrive (Can be enabled/disabled for each timeline in the options page)
* Allowing tweets to be deleted
* Allowing tweets to be marked and unmarked as favorite
* Allowing links to be opened in a background tab. (Middle clicking or Ctrl-clicking the link)
* Allowing users to manually enter Twitter's OAuth Pin
* Allowing users to mark all tweets in the timeline as read
* Reworking actions on tweets using icons instead of links
* Reworking options page adding options to:
- Change icon colors and notification settings
- Change displayed name in tweets
- Change request timeout
- Change Twitter's API endpoint
* Correcly handling replies to Direct Messages
* Fixing new tweets count when tweets are shown in more than one timeline
* Fixing word-wrapping in tweets
* Fixing popup going crazy when showing error messages
* Showing returned error while fetching OAuth's request token
1.0.1 (2009-12-03)
* Fixing bug causing tweets to stay on the timeline forever (only after tweaking with the options page)
1.0 (2009-12-03)
* Integration with URL Shortener services, including an option to shorten the current page
* Ability to use Twitter's retweet feature (old RT still available through 'share' option)
* Showing 'from' and 'in reply to' information
* Making some options available through a bare-bones options page
* Lots of performance tweaks
* Lots of improvements with keyboard navigation
* Improving error messages when calls to Twitter's API fail
* Big cleanup reducing extension size
* Fixing bug that would incorrectly identify hashtags inside URLs
* Fixing bug causing replies without in_reply_to_id
* Fixing bug when denying OAuth authorization
* Fixing some UI bugs
0.51 (2009-11-24)
* This version fixes some bugs introduced with OAuth authentication, it also
fixes an old bug regarding popup resizing.
0.5 (2009-11-23)
* Tabs allowing you to check your @replies and direct messages
* Switching authentication to OAuth (now Twitter shows 'from Chromed Bird' yay!)
* Showing badge text with new tweets count
* Correctly handling replies to a specific tweet
* Fixing freezing after sending a direct message
0.4 (2009-11-17)
* Adding theme support and a new default theme (Thanks Will Ryan)
* Improved navigation with an endless scrollbar intelligently fetching older tweets
* Switching to home_timeline, RT's are now displayed correctly
* Closing the popup doesn't erase tweets being composed
* Better tweet timestamp handling with relative dates
* Lots of small fixes in cache consistency
0.3 (2009-11-06)
* Tracking read / unread tweets
* Notifying users when new tweets are available
* Adding a "Remember me" option
* Connecting to Twitter's API through HTTPS
* [FIX] Limiting profile image size.
* [FIX] Password field now allow any special characters.