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auth Ability to disable panel completely Mar 7, 2018
client Ensure migrations can run on PostgreSQL May 16, 2018
contract Removed duplicate keys Mar 31, 2018
etl Astronomical objects types parsing fixes Jun 4, 2018
gradle/wrapper Upgraded Gradle wrapper to 4.1 Aug 12, 2017
model Data schema should be configurable, not hardcoded May 19, 2018
server Fixes for mobile devices Jun 27, 2018
sources ParseApi connections resilience to network troubles Jun 5, 2018
util Ability to disable panel completely Mar 7, 2018
.codacy.yaml .codacy.yaml added Nov 4, 2017
.gitignore Reconfiguration for easier customization of logging levels on Tomcat Oct 3, 2017
LICENSE License added Mar 19, 2017 Time to move to beta version May 20, 2018
build.gradle Version 0.0.14-SNAPSHOT Dec 28, 2017
checkstyle-suppressions.xml Additional wrappers for SOAP client so API keys don't need to be pass… Nov 20, 2017
checkstyle.xml Rename packages from camelCase to underscored Jun 14, 2017
codecov.yml Codecov token added Apr 11, 2017
codenarc.groovy Rename packages from camelCase to underscored Jun 14, 2017 Types removed from Mock() Spock method, Hibernate downgraded Apr 21, 2017
gradlew Another try to fix CircleCI memory problems Apr 9, 2017
gradlew.bat Gradle Wrapper updated, pretty print filter added, Dec 25, 2016
settings.gradle Code related to authentication and authorization put into separate mo… Nov 1, 2017
spotbugs-filter-exclude.xml SpotBugs added, errors fixed Dec 16, 2017
testing.gradle Fixed configuration for JaCoCo Aug 11, 2017

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STAPI is a public Star Trek API, currently in it's beta stage. It is feasible for production use, and the API model is considered stable.

It was inspired by Star Wars API and Pokéapi.


  • API documentation can be found on the website.
  • Project documentation can be found on wiki home.