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Commits on Oct 18, 2012
  1. Revert "SERVER-7376 make all migration cleanup async unless explicitl…

    Greg Studer authored
    …y specified otherwise"
    This reverts commit bb65b80.
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. SERVER-7376 make all migration cleanup async unless explicitly specif…

    Greg Studer authored
    …ied otherwise
  2. SERVER-7376 test fixes for 2.2

    Greg Studer authored
  3. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7344 add interpreterVersion to shell and buildInfo

    tadmarshall authored
    Add the ability to get a string for the JavaScript engine so that
    scripts can know when they are running under SpiderMonkey versus V8.
    The shell gets an 'interpreterVersion()' function that returns a string.
    The 'buildInfo' command gets a new field named 'interpreterVersion'.
    SpiderMonkey returns "SpiderMonkey 1.7"; V8 returns "V8 3.12.19".
  4. SERVER-7186 Fixed addToSet logging for an element that exists and is …

    Alberto Lerner authored
    …not at the end of the array.
  5. SERVER-7376 more logging around removeRange

    gregs authored
  6. SERVER-4781 Fix style issues.

    Alberto Lerner authored
  7. @erh

    this breaks a lot of tests

    erh authored
    not sure of right behavior
    Revert "we should allow w:majority for a single mongod instance"
    This reverts commit 3f55adc.
  8. SERVER-7371 Fix same corner case as the last one, but now when applie…

    Alberto Lerner authored
    …d to secondary.
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. SERVER-7371 Remove old comment.

    Alberto Lerner authored
  2. @matulef
  3. @dwight
  4. @dwight
  5. @matulef
  6. @kchodorow
  7. @kchodorow
  8. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7017 split rename2.js into two tests for multiVersion

    tadmarshall authored
    Revert jstests/rename2.js to the way it was before, add rename6.js
    for the new tests, make multi_version_sharding_passthrough.js skip
    rename6.js since it is new functionality.
  9. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7034 add 10 second timeouts to three connections

    tadmarshall authored
    Change the timeout on three ScopedDbConnections (made while holding
    a critical section) from default of zero (no timeout) to 10 seconds.
  10. @erh

    fix whitespace/indent and turn on

    erh authored
  11. @erh
  12. @erh
  13. @matulef

    SERVER-2001 filter queries on mongod using new key extraction path

    matulef authored
    Queries on mongod must filter out documents that do not currently belong
    to the shard.  The belongsToMe function now uses the new key extraction
    path to make this determination. An optimization is also added to the
    clientcursor class so that it can make this determination using a
    covered index if available.
  14. @matulef

    SERVER-2001 revert to previous method for extracting keys in hashed i…

    matulef authored
    Hashed index keys are expected to have empty field names. A previous commit
    accidentally changed this behavior.
  15. @matulef

    SERVER-2001 fix ownership determination of ops that occur during migrate

    matulef authored
    For ops that occur during a migration, mongod uses the isInRange
    function to determine whether the ops apply to the chunk being
    migrated.  It now makes this determination using the extractKey
    method which handles more general shard key patterns.
Commits on Oct 15, 2012
  1. @andy10gen

    Get rid of casi<> type.

    andy10gen authored
    It broke the build, had only one user and forced mongod and mongos to
    define the same symbol differently.
  2. @erh

    more namespace db comparisons

    erh authored
  3. @erh

    fix a lot of copyright notices

    erh authored
  4. @erh
  5. @erh
  6. @erh

    fix whitespace around !

    erh authored
  7. @erh

    fix include order

    erh authored
  8. @erh
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