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This repository contains the official source of the CF metadata conventions. The source files are built into HTML automatically when changes are merged into this repository. The latest build of the specification is held in the gh-pages branch and can be seen here.

For the official web site please visit: and the corresponding GitHub organisation.

Contributing to the CF Conventions

The CF Conventions are changed by changing the source files in this repository. The rules for doing this are set forth on the CF website. Their implementation in GitHub is described in this repository's file.

Building the HTML

To convert the AsciiDoc files into the resulting HTML file:

  1. Ensure you have Ruby installed (e.g. sudo apt-get install ruby)
  2. Ensure you have a recent version of Asciidoctor installed (e.g. gem install asciidoctor)
  3. Get hold of the AsciiDoc files in this repo (e.g. git clone
  4. Build the HTML: asciidoctor cf-conventions.adoc

See the GitHub help pages and plethora of other git/GitHub guides for more details on how to work with repos, forks, pull requests, etc.

Latest Spec Build

Whenever a pull request is merged, a travis-ci build generates the latest specification draft and adds it to the gh-pages branch here. The gh-pages branch is deployed to github pages at the following documents:

These documents are linked in the cf-conventions web site. source here which is published to: The latest spec documents are linked from those web pages here: