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Cloud Foundry supply buildpack example
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Eureka Registrar Buildpack

This is a intermediate buildpack for Cloud Foundry that provides integration with the Spring Cloud Eureka server for any programming language supported by the platform, and requiring zero application code changes.

When this buildpack is present in your Cloud Foundry deployment, all you will have to do to register all instances of your application with the Eureka discovery server is bind the application to your Spring Cloud Eureka Servive instance. Instances will then automatically be registered and continue to send heartbeats as long as the application container is alive when you provide the eureka_registrary_sidecar as an intermediate buildpack when pushing your application.

foo@bar:my-app$ cf push my-app --no-start
foo@bar:my-app$ cf v3-push my-app -b eureka_registrary_sidecar -b <final_buildpack>

See for buildpack basics. This is an intermediate buildpack using only the bin/supply script.

See for information about pushing an application with multiple buildpacks.

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