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Apache Mesos BOSH release
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Bosh release for Apache Mesos

One of the fastest ways to get Apache Mesos running on any infrastructure is to deploy this BOSH release.

This BOSH release includes the following Apache Mesos frameworks:

  • Airbnb Chronos: A distributed and fault-tolerant scheduler
  • Mesosphere Marathon: An Apache Mesos framework for long-running services
  • Apache Cassandra: An open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure
  • Jenkins: An extendable open source continuous integration server


This is not presently a production ready Apache Mesos BOSH release. This is a work in progress.


To use this BOSH release, first upload it to your BOSH:

bosh target BOSH_HOST
git clone
cd mesos-boshrelease
bosh upload release releases/mesos-1.yml

Now create a deployment file (using the files at the examples directory as a starting point) and deploy:

bosh deployment path/to/deployment.yml
bosh -n deploy

Create new final release

To create a new final release you need to get read/write API credentials to the @cloudfoundry-community s3 account.

Please email Dr Nic Williams and he will create unique API credentials for you.

Create a config/private.yml file with the following contents:

    access_key_id:     ACCESS
    secret_access_key: PRIVATE

You can now create final releases for everyone to enjoy!

bosh create release
# test this dev release
git commit -m "updated mesos"
bosh create release --final
git commit -m "creating vXYZ release"
git tag vXYZ
git push origin master --tags
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