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bash-completion added warning that script is out of date Mar 21, 2013
batch updated the "batch" project to latest versions, fixed XML schema name… Apr 25, 2013
cross-store adding a README... Jul 9, 2012
grailstwitter [grailstwitter] Formatting changes. Jun 19, 2012
hello-env A minimal app that prints env variables Sep 12, 2011
hello-java added header in pom.xml Sep 18, 2011
hello-spring-mongodb Updated dependencies to be current Feb 2, 2012
hello-spring-mysql upgrading hello-spring-mysql to Spring 3.1 M2 Jul 7, 2011
hello-spring Use cloudfoundry-runtime version 0.8.4 Jun 19, 2013
picalc-rabbitmq fix typos Aug 4, 2011
rabbit-chat updated to spring amqp 1.0.0.RC3 Aug 16, 2011
rabbit-rest upgraded to cf-runtime 0.8 Oct 11, 2011
retwisj fix for /WEB-INF/retwis.log (No such f… Oct 4, 2013
services/hello-services-namespace upgraded samples to 0.6.1 version of cloudfoundry-runtime May 26, 2011
springtravel Move springtravel sample to cloudfoundry-samples org Oct 12, 2011
stocks Re-order bean defs so redis properties are injected for environment Jul 22, 2011
wgrus upgraded to cloudfoundry-runtime 0.8.0 Sep 19, 2011
.gitignore Tidy up and add README to batch and stocks apps Jun 8, 2011