An x86-64 instruction decoder and a corresponding instruction trace tool/library for (micro)architectural simulators.
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x86instlib is a library for cracking x86-64 machine code (user-mode only) into uops and executing them. The decoder and uop implementations are based on PTLsim, but with some modifications. This distribution also includes a Pintool which takes instruction traces and memory images of arbitrary programs in Linux; these traces are suitable for use with a simulator based on x86instlib. Eventually, this distribution will also include a simple functional emulator/trace-reader which ties together the itrace functionality and the instruction decoder.

How to Compile the Pintool

  1. Install Pin (tested with 2.11 on Linux) and set PIN environment variable to its home.

  2. make

How to Run the Pintool

$ pin -t pin/ -o my.trace -- ./my_test_program arg1 arg2 ...

How to Compile x86instlib

  1. make

License and Copyright

Original code written as a part of x86instlib is Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, Chris Fallin x86instlib is released under the GNU GPL v2 or later.

x86instlib draws code from:

  • instlib/decode/: PTLsim (x86 decoder), available under GPL v2