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Dongle's Oblivion Daedric font set
This was done entirely as a personal project. Bethesda Softworks graciously granted me the permission for it. I am not connected with them in any way.
You may freely use these fonts to create anything you'd like. You may re-distribute the fonts freely, over the Internet, or by any other means. Always keep the .zip file intact, and this read me included.
Please do not modify and redistribute the fonts without my permission.
You may NOT sell any of these fonts under any circumstances. This includes putting them on compilation font CDs for sale, putting them in a "members only" pay-area of a website, or any other means of financial gain connected in ANY way with the redistribution of any of these fonts.
You have my permission to create and sell any artwork made with these fonts, however you may need to contact Bethesda Softworks before doing so.
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