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This gem was designed do make isolated tests more resilient. In isolated tests, a FireMock is no different than a common mock. The only difference is when the test is called on a not-isolated environment. It checks for the presence of the method on the mocked class, and fails if it isn't there. This adds another layer of security for suit tests, without compromising the isolation of unit tests.

It's based on the awesome rspec-fire from Xavier Shay.

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require 'minitest/autorun'
require 'minitest/fire_mock'

class MyClass
  def my_method
    # actual_work goes here

class MyOtherClassTest < MiniTest::Unit::TestCase
  def test_for_correctness
    mock ='MyClass')
    mock.expect(:my_method, 42)
    assert_equal 42, mock.my_method

The only real difference of using MiniTest::FireMock instead of MiniTest::Mock is that if MyClass is defined, and my_method isn't there, it'll raise a MockExpectationError. It checks also for the arity of the method, so it'll raise a MockExpectationError if the real method have a different arity than the expectation.


  • Mock class/module methods too.
  • Make it work with method_missing (as of now it doesn't, even if the #responds_to? is correct)