Vim script to run the spec command
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Vim with Rspec

This plugin make easy to run the spec command inside Vim. You need Hpricot ( 
OR xsltproc ( and grep ( to use it.
Hpricot takes precedence over xsltproc. 
There are four files on the package: the Vim script, the Ruby script, the XSL file and the syntax file.

To install, unpack the files on your ~/.vim directory and source it to make it available. You
can also use the Makefile to install the files, just type:
make install

There are two commands available: 

You can run RunSpec and spec will run with the current file (if it's a *_spec.rb file) 
You can run RunSpecs and spec will run with all the files inside the spec directory. 

After some of the commands above runs, it will open a new window with the result, where you can click on the error 
lines where there's a file path with the line number and it will open on a new window, moving the cursor to the 
line where the error is.

Of course, you can create some mappings to make easier to call the commands.