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EDK II FileSystemPkg


This module provides a driver that exposes EFI_FIRMWARE_VOLUME2_PROTOCOL instances as read-only EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL-compatible file systems. This enables users and programs to explore and read data from an FV2 instance from a simple file-like perspective.

It was developed as a Google Summer of Code project by Colin Drake over the summer of 2011.


This module is currently maintained at http://github.com/cfdrake/FileSystemPkg.

Checkout the development branch for the latest changes or master for a (hopefully) more stable revision. Tags are made for each major revision.


First, download a recent EDKII release. cd to the root directory and download the FileSystemPkg sources (either master or development branch).

$ ...
$ cd edk2
$ git clone git@github.com:cfdrake/FileSystemPkg.git

Next, add a reference to the FileSystemPkg module GUID, specified in Ffs.inf, and a reference to Ffs.inf itself in the .dec, .fdf, and .dsc files of your build environment of choice.

Finally, build the project. The driver should be integrated and you should be able to mount FV2 instances from the shell.

$ cd <YourDevEnvironment>
$ ./build.sh
$ ./build.sh run


I think I've fixed everything I've come across so far. If you see anything though, please send a message to colin.f.drake@gmail.com or create a new issue at the bug tracker.

I'm sure there's something ;)


See each individual file for authorship and licensing. In short, everything is BSD-licensed.