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CFEclipse Project

The goal of the CFEclipse project is to create a plugin for the Eclipse platform that provides a professional quality IDE for CFML developers. CFEclipse offers all of the features found in traditional CFML editors and several that are unique to CFEclipse.

As well as allowing developers to take advantage of the wealth of other Eclipse plugins, CFEclipse comes with a developer friendly price tag... It's FREE!

CFEclipse is an open-source project solely supported by volunteers!

See for information

Projects included in this repository

  • org.cfeclipse.cfeclipsecall
  • org.cfeclipse.cfeclipsecall-plugin
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml : Main CFEclipse Plugin
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.cfunit
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.docsharesupport
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.docsharesupport.feature
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.feature
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.frameworks
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.frameworks.fusebox
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.snippets
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.snippets.update
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.templates.fragment
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.update
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.update-dev
  • org.cfeclipse.cfml.update-nightly
  • org.cfeclipse.snipex.server
  • svn

Building CFEclipse

Checkout the cfeclipse-releng project from

run: cfeclipse-releng build

to build the master branch

or: cfeclipse-releng build build.type=dev

to build the develop branch.

See the wiki to find out how the guts of it work

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