Building CFEclipse

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This page gives instructions on how to build CFEclipse from source.

Checkout the Source

Check out the CFEclipse source from git:

git clone

Set up Eclipse for Plugin Development

  • Download the "Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers" package from Extract and run the executable, choosing a new workspace.
  • Add the CFLint update site:, and install CFLint in Eclipse.
  • Select File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects. Browse to the directory where you checked out the CFEclipse sources. Select only the project "org.cfeclipse.cfml/pom.xml"
  • Press finish.
  • You will be prompted to Setup Maven plugin connectors. Complete the steps to install these as prompted by Eclipse.

Coding and Debugging

To run the plugin from your development IDE, locate the plugin.xml file in Project Explorer. Right click it and select Run As -> Eclipse Application.

You can debug the IDE by selecting plugin.xml, right clicking, and selecting Debug As -> Eclipse Application.

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