ColdFusion 8 Syntax Dictionaries

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The syntax dictionaries are used to allow CF syntax checking within Eclipse. A dictionary should also exist for previous versions. (someone edit this to provide more detail please! I am punting here!)

Prior to installing:

Check to make sure that the version you downloaded with CFEclipse is not already newer. I just installed CFEclipse and it contains a newer version of cf8.xml and also is already configured in the dictionaryconfig.xml file. You can verify this yourself by comparing file dates of the zip with that in your eclipse plugins while doing the steps below.

Download instructions:

  1. Download and unzip the following file:, you should have a file called cf8.xml

  2. Browse to < eclipse install path >/plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml_/dictionary/ and move cf8.xml into that directory

  3. Open up the dictionaryconfig.xml file that is in that directory and add the following XML above the cfmx701 entry:

     <version key="cf8" label="Coldfusion 8">
          <grammar location="cf8.xml" />
          <grammar location="user.xml" />
  4. Restart (or start) Eclipse

Help Update The Dictionary File!

The ColdFusion 8 dictionary is missing or throws syntax errors on some tags. If you run into this issue - you can simply edit the cf8.xml? file to correct the issue. At some point these changes will be rolled back into CFEclipse.


  1. If I am currently working on a project deployed to a CF 7 server, should I comment out the CF8 dictionary entries in the dictionaryconfig.xml file? Or what is the best way to deal with this? Is there a better place for me to post questions?
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