Converting Dreamweaver Snippets

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  1. Copy your snippets from Dreamweaver: \Configuration\Snippets
  2. Go to your workspace (the one you open with eclipse) mine is: D:\Applications\eclipse_3.1.1\workspace.metadata.plugins\com.rohanclan.cfml\snippets and copy your Dreamweaver snippets to that location.
  3. Dreamweaver snippets are stored as .csn files, rename them as .xml files (this is not necessary but makes the files more consistent)
  4. Custom snippets may also be found in something like: D:\Documents and Settings_yourUserName\Application Data\Macromedia_theDWFolder_\Configuration\Snippets_
  5. Refresh your snippets view in CFEclipse.

[CEL] The workspace file may be your wwwroot folder if you so set it up. It took me twenty minutes to figure what exactly I was looking for in step 2 above - but I used the web root folder as my default workspace folder and had not realized it.

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