Installing RDS Support

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With the release of ColdFusion 8 - Adobe has released the ColdFusion 8 Extensions for Eclipse.

From the Adobe site:

This collection of plugins adds the ColdFusion 8 code debugger, code wizards, RDS capabilities and more to Adobe Flex Builder or Eclipse.


Installation (from Adobe)

  1. See installation details on Adobe site.


  • Make sure you have RDS enabled on the ColdFusion server
  • Make sure you configure the correct port (8500 = built in CF server, 80 = IIS/Apache)
  • There are currently issues with Ganymede (see this post for more information)

Please Note: This is an Adobe provided plugin and not part of CFEclipse. If you have problems with this, you should talk to Adobe - however, with the release of ColdFusion Builder it is unknown if Adobe still supports this plugin.

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