Mylyn Trac Task Integration

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Looking for purpose in life? Mylyn is purposeful. It does a lot of stuff, but one nifty bit is task integration.

Task integration is cool because it links the Eclipse IDE with an issue tracker-- in this case Trac. Meaning, you can be less random in what tasks you work on, should you choose to work on CFEclipse tasks. And more! View the Mylyn webinar at for a little background-- It's long, but full of yummy goodness!

Now that you've got a little background on Mylyn, lets create a new task repository for CFEclipse's Trac site. You'll need to have the mylyn plugin installed, of course (you can cut and paste the download urls into the Eclipse Plugin Manager, or select the Mylyn plugin from Eclipse's update site, if you're using 3.3.). ** _Be sure you select the Mylyn Trac Task Repository plugin! ** _

Create a new Trac Task Repository, following the instructions here, using theCFEclipse's Trac site url ( as the Server URL, and your CFEclipse Trac username and password.

Create a new query by switching to the Mylyn "Planning" perspective, selecting the "Task List" and option(or right)-clicking to get to the context menu where "New > Query" appears. Select the CFEclipse task repository, and customize away! Or add a query name and click "Finish", for all tickets.

You should now see a task query list by the name you specified, which lists whatever tasks you've specified. Cool, huh?

Subclipse Change Set/Task Linking is coming soon, but probably not too soon, as I think I'm going to go add a mylyn generic task repository interface to my rudimentary project management application. =]

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