Salvaging an install

boughtonp edited this page Jan 19, 2012 · 2 revisions

I had made mention of my ongoing stability issues with one of my machines where Eclipse would get sluggish, start locking up and eventually become unusable. The biggest hassle with a hosed Eclipse install is losing my settings, local history, as well as all of my projects.

Well I found a way to salvage most of these and thought I would share.

In the workspace folder of the hosed go to the following dir.


I keep my workspace under the root of the installation dir. So for me the full path is as follows.


Take everything in that folder and copy it to the same folder on a fresh install and when you start up Eclipse you will (should) have all of your projects and your local history. w00t!!!

As always YMMV

I hope this saves someone some grief.


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