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SnipEx is an XML-based service that allows CFEclipse users to subscribe to snippet servers as well as submitting their own snippets to SnipEx servers. You can install a SnipEx server on your local network for easy sharing of Snippets.

Setting Up A SnipEx Server

Public SnipEx Servers

Adding A New SnipEx Server In CFEclipse

  • Available in: CFEclipse

  • Open the Snip Tree View (Window > Show View > Snip Tree View)

  • Select the dropdown menu and select "Edit SnipEx Servers" SnipEx

  • Enter the URL(s) of the servers you would like to add SnipEx

  • Restart CFEclipse SnipEx

  • You should now be able to browse your server(s) within the Snip Tree View


Clearing your SnipEx Cache

(From Ray Camden [blog post]( Cache--and-CFLib-SnipEx-Update))

  1. Change to your Eclipse workspace. Mine was at /Users/ray/Documents/workspace
  2. Change to .metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snipex
  3. Delete all XML files
  4. Restart Eclipse
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