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The CFEclipse Toolbar Menu provides dialogues and tools which can be used to quickly and easily accomplish ColdFusion tasks and aid in development efficiency. The toolbar is located at the top of the CFEclipse editor when the CFEclipse perspective is active.

Setting CFEclipse as the Active Perspective:

  • Select WINDOW > OPEN PERSPECTIVE > OTHER > Choose <CFEclipse> from the list of available perspectives. OR
  • Choose OPEN PERSPECTIVE from the Perspectives Tab Open Perspectives > OTHER > Choose <CFEclipse> from the list of available perspectives.

To display the Toolbar, you need to enable it in under Preferences > cfeclipse

editor > show editor toolbar

There are five (5) available tabs to choose from in the toolbar which include the following:

CFEclipse Toolbar

Editing Toolbars

There is a cfmltoolbar.xml file under the CFEclipse plugin path:

Example: C:\eclipse-3.3\plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml_1.3.1.6\dictionary\toolba rs\cfmltoolbar.xml

You can create snippets and link them to the toolbar. Icons can be found in:

Icon graphic location: C:\eclipse-3.3\plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml_1.3.1.6\icons\obj16

There is some commented out sample code included within cfmltoolbar.xml on how to do snippets.

<!-- Sample use of snippets
<tab name="Snippets">
	<button name="test" type="snippet" value="toolSnip"/>
	<button name="testing2" type="snippet" value="toolSnip2"/>
<tab name="CFChart">
	<button name="CFChart" type="cftag" value="cfchart"/>
	<button name="CFChartData" type="cftag" value="cfchartdata"/>
	<button name="CFChartSeries" type="cftag" value="cfchartseries"/>

The Snippet Tab the value is the Trigger Text of the Snippet to be called when the button is clicked on.

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