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AKAP utils, for all your eternal storage
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AKAP utils

The AKA protocol (AKAP) is an idea, a specification, and a set of smart contracts written for the Ethereum blockchain. It tackles a challenge seen on blockchains related to immutability and how you write code to handle such an environment.

In short the challenge facing blockchain developers is that when they deploy code others depend on, there's no easy upgrade path. The location of the code is tied in with the location of storage, and if you want to upgrade your code you can't easily take this storage with you. Deploying a new version would force everyone who depend on it to change their references, not to mention the pain of repopulating existing data.

Eternal storage is a pattern that AKAP can help you leverage, where the idea is to keep your storage separate from your code.

Please see the documentation for more in depth material.


This repository contains the AKAP utils source code. Other related repositories:

AKAP docs
AKAP browser
Using AKAP


npm install akap

npm install @openzeppelin/test-helpers

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