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Clarified C99 status and coding guidelines.

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@@ -167,15 +167,22 @@ under_scored. It
contains many good practices not only suitable for library writers.
-* C99 is encouraged, use it. Only exception is for libc functions that
- we don't provide wrappers in libcompat. Current cases you should stick
- to ANSI C (or even better submit a libcompat patch):
+* C99 is encouraged in the language, use it.
+* As for using C99-specific libc functions, you can mostly use them,
+ because we provide replacement functions in libcompat, since many old
+ Unix platforms are missing those. If there is no replacement for a
+ C99-specific function, then either stick to C89, or write the
+ libcompat replacement.
+ Current functions known to be missing from libcompat (so stick to
+ C89):
* [s]scanf
* Control statements need to have braces, no matter how simple they are.
-* Spaces, not tabs.
+* 4 spaces indentation level, no tabs.
* Always use typedefs, no "struct X", or "enum Y" are allowed. Types
defined with typedef should be in camelcase and no trailing "_t",

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