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Additional Resources

Use the following links to learn more about CFEngine:

  • [Reading][Additional Resources#Reading]
  • [Training][Additional Resources#Training]
  • [Tools][Additional Resources#Tools]
  • [Support and Community][Additional Resources#Support and Community]
  • [Contribute to CFEngine][Additional Resources#Contribute to CFEngine]


Learn by reading information brought to you by CFEngine experts:


  • Online Training An introduction to CFEngine by our founder, Mark Burgess. These video recordings explain the basic principles and syntax of the CFEngine language and suggests some examples to try out.

  • Beyond Automation Learn how to go beyond classical automation with CFEngine 3, one of the most established configuration management systems available. In this video tutorial, host and CFEngine creator Mark Burgess takes you on a tour of discovery from basic automation concepts to more complex examples, such as implementing distributed orchestration.

  • Learn Videos which demonstrate the key capabilities of CFEngine Enterprise and Community editions.

  • CFEngine as a powerful security tool: Three presentations by Diego Zamboni


Sign Up

  • On-Site Training Sign up for professional training courses that provide a better understanding of CFEngine and how it can help improve configuration management in your organization.

  • Contact us to get more info on training courses.

Support and Community

Support Desk

  • [CFEngine Enterprise Support Desk][support desk] Enterprise users have access to our support desk.


Help from our CFEngine community is available to all users on our Google Groups forums:

  • [Support for CFEngine Enterprise users][Free25 Forum] Help for users who have downloaded the free version of CFEngine 3 Enterprise.

  • [help-cfengine][help-cfengine] General help for all your CFEngine questions.

Learning Resources

Sometimes the best help is already written.

  • Visit our [learning resources][learning center] for guides, demos, training videos, and tools.

Social Media

Stay in touch. Follow us:

  • [CFEngine blog][cfengine blog]

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • The #cfengine IRC channel on the network.

If you want to learn more about how CFEngine can help you and your organization, [contact us][contact us].

Contribute to CFEngine

CFEngine Github

Public Bug Tracker

  • Bugs and improvement suggestions can be registered with our development team in our [public bug tracker][bug tracker]. Read the bug tracker information before you submit a bug.