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Welcome! This is the documentation for CFEngine {{site.cfengine.core_branch}}.

Parts of the documentation:

[What's new in latest release?][Latest Release]

includes what is new, supported platforms, how to upgrade


learn how to install, write policy and get automation going

[Language Reference][CFEngine Reference]

describes syntax and language elements

[Examples][Examples and Tutorials]

a set of examples, including “hello world”

[Enterprise version][CFEngine Enterprise]

documentation related to the commercial version

[Library Reference][All Promise and Body Types]

overview of all promises and attributes


frequently asked questions (and answers :)


[Components][Components and Common Control]

Cf-agent, cf-serverd, cf-execd, cf-promises, etc.

[Language concepts][Language Concepts]

Bundles, Bodies, Promises, Classes and Decisions, Variables, etc.

[Promise types (aka resources to be managed)][Promise Types and Attributes]

processes, packages, users, files, storage, services, etc

[Masterfiles framework][Masterfiles Policy Framework]

how to manage and tweak CFEngine itself

[Decision making in CFEngine][Classes and Decisions]

hard classes, soft classes,


complete lists of all functions