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CFEngine Reference

The reference documentation explains the available promise and bundle types, components, bodies, functions, variables, classes and attributes in detail. Language elements that belong together are typically documented on the same page.

  • [Components and Common Control][Components and Common Control]
  • [Promise Types and Attributes][Promise Types and Attributes]
  • [Functions][Functions]
  • [Language Concepts][Language Concepts]
  • [Special Variables][Special Variables]
  • [Enterprise API Reference][Enterprise API Reference]
  • [Syntax, identifiers and names][Language Concepts#Syntax, identifiers and names]
  • [Masterfiles Policy Framework][Masterfiles Policy Framework]
  • [All Promise and Body Types][All Promise and Body Types]
  • [Macros][Macros]

See Also: [All Promise Types][All Promise and Body Types#All Promise Types], [All Body Types][All Promise and Body Types#All Body Types]

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