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Merge pull request #2130 from nickanderson/CFE-3075/3.12

Improved examples to show  how now() can be used to get agent start time
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nickanderson committed Jun 12, 2019
2 parents 0e16bc8 + 71ec60f commit 1ae1b88ce569573c5cad7c44f3a3fb50d8a4260a
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@@ -13,12 +13,69 @@ in system representation.
In order to provide an immutable environment against which to converge,
this value does not change during the execution of an agent.


Reporting the system time of agent start and calculating what yesterday was.

body file_select zero_age
bundle agent example_now
"epoch" int => now();
string => format( "%d",
eval( "$(epoch)-86400", math, infix ));
"Today is $(with) or in unix format '$(epoch)'"
with => strftime( gmtime, "%Y-%m-%d %T", $(epoch) );
"24 hours ago was $(with) or in unix format '$(epoch)'"
with => strftime( gmtime, "%Y-%m-%d %T", $(24_hours_ago) );
bundle agent __main__


R: Today is 2019-06-12 20:40:00 or in unix format '1560372000'
R: 24 hours ago was 2019-06-11 20:40:00 or in unix format '1560372000'

`files` type promises using ```file_select``` to limit recursive file selection
based on a time relative to the agent start can make use of this function.

bundle agent gzip_recent_pdfs
# Ensure that any file ending in .pdf that has been
# modified in the last year is compressed
file_select => pdf_modified_within_last_year,
transformer => '/bin/gzip $(this.promiser)';
body file_select pdf_modified_within_last_year
# @brief Sllect files that have been modified in the last year AND end in .pdf
mtime => irange(ago(1,0,0,0,0,0),now);
file_result => "mtime";
leaf_name => { ".*\.pdf" };
file_result => "mtime.leaf_name";

`processes` type promises using ```process_select``` can use this function to
select processes based on relative execution time.


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