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Merge pull request #2081 from nickanderson/ENT-4462/3.12

Clarify why host count in cf-hub and Mission Portal can differ
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nickanderson committed Feb 18, 2019
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@@ -49,6 +49,14 @@ LICENSED number of hosts. It is unspecified which hosts are the ones
skipped, in case the total number of hosts listed in `lastseen` database
are over the LICENSED number.

### Can cf-hub host count be different from Mission Portal ?

Yes, it can be.
Mission Portal only sees the hosts which `cf-hub` has put into the PostgreSQL database.
`cf-hub` can skip hosts for a few reasons, for example if they are in [`exclude_hosts`](cf-hub#exclude_hosts), or if it has reached the license count.
Thus, it is possible to appear to be within license count in Mission Portal, but cf-hub is detecting that you are over license.
If you believe you should be within license count, the [Host DELETE API]([Host REST API#Remove host from the hub]) can be used to remove old / inactive hosts.

## When is a hub behaving as **over-licensed** ?

When the number of hosts in the `lastseen` database (viewable with

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