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Concepts you may want to Google beforehand: CPU timer, keyboard interrupts, scancode

Goal: Implement our first IRQ handlers: the CPU timer and the keyboard

Everything is now ready to test our hardware interrupts.


The timer is easy to configure. First we'll declare an init_timer() on cpu/timer.h and implement it on cpu/timer.c. It is just a matter of computing the clock frequency and sending the bytes to the appropriate ports.

We will now fix kernel/utils.c int_to_ascii() to print the numbers in the correct order. For that, we need to implement reverse() and strlen().

Finally, go back to the kernel/kernel.c and do two things. Enable interrupts again (very important!) and then initialize the timer interrupt.

Go make run and you'll see the clock ticking!


The keyboard is even easier, with a drawback. The PIC does not send us the ASCII code for the pressed key, but the scancode for the key-down and the key-up events, so we will need to translate those.

Check out drivers/keyboard.c where there are two functions: the callback and the initialization which configures the interrupt callback. A new keyboard.h was created with the definitions.

keyboard.c also has a long table to translate scancodes to ASCII keys. For the time being, we will only implement a simple subset of the US keyboard. You can read more about scancodes here

I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled! We are very close to building a simple shell. In the next chapter, we will expand a little bit on keyboard input

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