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Ractive.js minmaxwidth decorator

Find more Ractive.js plugins at

See the demo here.

This decorator provides "Element Media Queries" by setting data-attributes based on the provided breakpoints. It will also set the current width as a variable on the Ractive instance when a keypath is provided.

<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:[100,200],'keypath'">
    Something something {{keypath}}

You can then do CSS "Element Media Queries" by matching the data-attributes like this:

.item[data-min-width~="100"] {
.item[data-max-width~="100"] {


Include this file on your page below Ractive, e.g:

<script src='lib/Ractive.js'></script>
<script src='lib/Ractive-decorators-minmaxwidth.js'></script>

Or, if you're using a module loader, require this module:

// requiring the plugin will 'activate' it - no need to use the return value
require( 'Ractive-decorators-minmaxwidth' );

Use the decorator in your template with any of the following syntaxes (explanation of the variables in the "options" syntax):

A single breakpoint

<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:100">
    html content

An array of breakpoints

<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:[100,200]">
    html content

A single breakpoint and a keypath

<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:100,'my_width'">

An array of breakpoints and a keypath

<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:[100,200],'my_width'">

An object with one or more of these keys

  • breakpoints Array of breakpoints (or single breakpoint) to match against, both min and max will be added based on these [optional]
  • keypath Keypath to use for setting the current width in the Ractive instance [optional]
  • min Array of min-widths (or single width) to match against [optional] (Deprecated. Can still be used, but the widths are added as breakpoints, and both min/max data-attributes are added pr width)
  • max Array of max-widths (or single width) to match against [optional] (Deprecated. Can still be used, but the widths are added as breakpoints, and both min/max data-attributes are added pr width)
<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:{breakpoints:[100,200],keypath:'my_width'}">


The decorator will add data-min-width and data-max-width attributes holding a space-delimited list of matched min/max values, and set the given keypath to the current width (not just if it matches one of the min/max values):

<!-- Ractive template -->
<div class="item" decorator="minmaxwidth:[100,200,300],'width'">{{width}}</div>

<!-- resulting html when the width is 299px -->
<div class="item" data-min-width="100 200" data-max-width="300">299</div>

Using the ~= attribute-selector you can write styles targeting the specific min/max values:

.item[data-min-width~="100"] {
.item[data-max-width~="300"] {

It's recommended to use a className with the attribute-selector, so your CSS rules don't match more elements than it should.

See the demo with more CSS examples here.

Configurable defaults

These decorator-defaults are exposed so they can be overwritten if needed (defaults should work fine)

// how often the poller-fallback should poll for changes (for IE11 and other browsers with no support for onresize, over/underflow and flowchanged events on elements, uses setInterval)
Ractive.decorators.minmaxwidth.pollerInterval = 250;
// the classname used on the sensor-html (for firefox and webkit-based browsers)
Ractive.decorators.minmaxwidth.sensorClass = 'resize-sensor';
// should sensor styles be added by the script? (PS. the sensor styles must be provided, the resize listener will not work without them)
Ractive.decorators.minmaxwidth.addSensorStyles = true;

Known issues

  • "greedy" CSS that targets object elements inside the decorated element can cause the resize events to fail. ( See #2 for more info)


Based on Back Alley Coder's "Element Queries, From the Feet Up"

Copyright (c) 2014 Jens Anders Bakke. Licensed MIT

Created with the Ractive.js plugin template for Grunt.


Ractive.js decorator for element min/max width




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