Latest commit 1c28a96 Dec 21, 2016 @fare fare committed with attila-lendvai Improve c-toolchain
Add support for getting parameters from new SBCL
Add support for getting parameters from CLISP makevars.
Add support for getting parameters for ECL and MKCL.

Refactor static linking to use the above.
On SBCL, this relies on the new feature :sb-linkable-runtime
(from 1.3.14-20-g402a8fab6).
On ECL and MKCL, have static-{image,program}-op be pass-through synonyms
for the usual variants.
Remove deceitful incomplete support for static linking on CMUCL.

Add shell test for static linking, to better work with SBCL (uses cl-launch).

Add class c-file for C files to compile, and o-file for precompiled objects.
They can be either dynamically loaded into the current process,
or statically linked into a new runtime.

Upgrade backward compatibility bundle from asdf 3.1.6 to 3.2.0.
Stop manually curating a minimal set of changes,
just adopt a new bundle.lisp wholesale.