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# Main text of home
name: Cristiano Nunes
bio: Desenvolvedor de Software, Pesquisador
# Summary info
description: Um blog sobre tecnologia
# If it's an external image, update below for true
# better with square images
external-image: false
picture: assets/images/profile.jpg
# If you want to include your curriculum, set to true
# and specify source (external or local).
curriculum: true
curriculum-external: true
permalink: /:title/
# To enable google analytics, supply your token below
analytics-google: 'UA-137055954-1'
# To enable piwik tracking, supply your url & site ID below
# analytics-piwik-url: ''
# analytics-piwik-id: 1
# If you don't want comments in your posts, leave categories empty
shortname: mydisqus # enter this from your disqus account
categories: [] # only show disqus for posts that have these categories
# If you don't have any of social below, comment the line
facebook: cristianofraganunes
github: cfgnunes
# instagram: cfgnunes
lattes: 3985172295525735
linkedin: cfgnunes
researchgate: Cristiano_Nunes3
scholar: nrrROToAAAAJ
skoob: 3647026
spotify: cfgnunes
# twitter: cfgnunes
youtube: cfgnunes
# gitlab: mygitlab
# medium: medium
# quora: userquora
# stackoverflow: 3112437/cristiano-nunes
social-links-order: [linkedin, lattes, github, researchgate, scholar, gitlab, stackoverflow, instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, spotify, skoob, quora, medium, email]
name: Cristiano Nunes
external-image: false
picture: assets/images/profile.jpg
twitter: cfgnunes
bio: Um guerreiro da luz.
# Do you want a larger site? change the option below
# options: [normal, large] | default: normal
# normal = 560px / large = 810px
width: normal
# If you don't need pagination, comment the *paginate* configs below
# paginate: 5
# paginate_path: "blog/:num/"
# Enable or disable the pages
projects: true
about: true
blog: false
# Show the "read time" of the posts
read-time: true
# Show the "tags" inside the posts
show-tags: true
# Show related posts inside a post
related: true
# Display links for next and previous posts for the specified categories
post-advance-links: [blog]
# Show author block at the end of a post
show-author: true
# Enable animations
animation: true
- jekyll-seo-tag
- jekyll-gist
- jekyll-feed
- jemoji
- jekyll-admin
- development
- stage
exclude: ["", "Rakefile", "Gemfile", "Gemfile.lock", "vendor/bundle"]
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