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Package indexer for git-based ReaPack repositories
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Package indexer for git-based ReaPack repositories

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Ruby v2.3 or newer must be installed on your computer in order to install and use this software.
Run the following command from a command prompt (eg. cmd.exe,, XTerm) to install reapack-index:

gem install reapack-index


reapack-index [options] [path-to-your-repository]
    -c, --check                      Test every package including uncommited changes and exit
    -s, --scan [PATH|COMMIT]         Scan new commits (default), a path or a specific commit
        --no-scan                    Do not scan for new commits
        --rebuild                    Clear the index and rescan the whole git history
Indexer options:
    -a, --[no-]amend                 Update existing versions
    -i, --ignore PATH                Don't check or index any file starting with PATH
    -o, --output FILE=./index.xml    Set the output filename and path for the index
        --[no-]strict                Enable strict validation mode
    -U, --url-template TEMPLATE=auto Set the template for implicit download links
Repository metadata:
    -n, --name NAME                  Set the name shown in ReaPack for this repository
    -l, --link LINK                  Add or remove a website link
        --screenshot-link LINK       Add or remove a screenshot link
        --donation-link LINK         Add or remove a donation link
        --ls-links                   Display the link list then exit
    -A, --about=FILE                 Set the about content from a file
        --remove-about               Remove the about content from the index
        --dump-about                 Dump the raw about content in RTF and exit
Misc options:
        --[no-]progress              Enable or disable progress information
    -V, --[no-]verbose               Activate diagnosis messages
    -C, --[no-]commit                Select whether to commit the modified index
        --prompt-commit              Ask at runtime whether to commit the index
    -m, --commit-template MESSAGE    Customize the commit message. Supported placeholder: $changelog
    -W, --warnings                   Enable warnings
    -w, --no-warnings                Turn off warnings
    -q, --[no-]quiet                 Disable almost all output
        --no-config                  Bypass the configuration files
    -v, --version                    Display version information
    -h, --help                       Prints this help

A getting started guide and packaging documentation are available in the wiki.


Options can be specified from the command line or stored in configuration files. The syntax is the same as the command line, but with a single option per line.

The settings are applied in the following order:

  • ~/.reapack-index.conf (~ = home directory)
  • ./.reapack-index.conf (. = repository root)
  • command line
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