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<title>Conversation: Adam, Jenny, and Hailey</title>
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<p class="timestamp" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 14:43:12">11/25/2014, 2:43 PM</p><br />
<p class="byline">Jenny</p>
<p class="message" data-from="+15555552424" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 14:43:12">She's here! Ellen Karen was born at 4:14am, 8 lbs and 21.5 inches long.</p><br />
<p class="byline">Adam</p>
<p class="message" data-from="+15558675309" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 15:29:10">Congrats!</p><br />
<p class="timestamp" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 19:00:01">11/25/2014, 7:00 PM</p><br />
<p class="message" data-from="self" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 19:00:01">I didn't even know you were pregnant!</p><br />
<p class="byline">Hailey</p>
<p class="message" data-from="+1800ABCDEFG" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 19:00:02">I bet she's so adorable!</p><br />
<p class="message" data-from="self" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 19:00:03">Can I borrow $50?</p><br />
<p class="byline">Jenny</p>
<p class="message" data-from="+15555552424" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 19:04:01">I'm not making that mistake twice.</p>
<p class="timestamp" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 19:00:01">11/25/2014, 11:33 PM</p><br />
<p class="byline">Adam</p>
<p class="message" data-from="+15558675309" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 11:33:10">I'll give you $50 if you pay me back $75 next week.</p><br />
<p class="message" data-from="self" data-timestamp="2014-11-25 11:34:10">That's usury but ok.</p><br />