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A client-side JavaScript spellchecker that uses Hunspell-style dictionaries.
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Typo.js is a JavaScript spellchecker that uses Hunspell-style dictionaries.


To use Typo in a Chrome extension, simply include the typo.js file in your extension's background page, and then initialize the dictionary like so:

var dictionary = new Typo("en_US");

To use Typo in a standard web application you need to pass a settings object that provides a path to the folder containing the desired dictionary.

var dictionary = new Typo("en_US", false, false, { dictionaryPath: "typo/dictionaries" }),

If using in node.js, load it like so:

var Typo = require("typo-js");
var dictionary = new Typo([...]);

To check if a word is spelled correctly, do this:

var is_spelled_correctly = dictionary.check("mispelled");

To get suggested corrections for a misspelled word, do this:

var array_of_suggestions = dictionary.suggest("mispeling");

// array_of_suggestions == ["misspelling", "dispelling", "misdealing", "misfiling", "misruling"]

Typo.js has full support for the following Hunspell affix flags:

  • PFX
  • SFX
  • REP
  • FLAG

Note: The manifest.json file in the root directory of the project is there to simplify testing, as it allows you to load all of the files in the Typo project as a Chrome extension. It doesn't have any purpose if you're using Typo.js in your own project.


There's a live demo of Typo.js at and a complete Node.js example file at examples/node/index.js.


Typo.js is free software, licensed under the Modified BSD License.

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