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Behance API

This is a simple JavaScript wrapper for the Behance API. To use this, you will need to register with Behance to get your own key.


getProject(x) : Retrieve project details.

getProjectsByColor(color, cb) : Search for projects by color. color is the color value and cb is your callback.

getProjectsForUser(user, cb) : Search for projects by user. user is the color value and cb is your callback.

renderProjects(user, displayId, templateId) : Allows you to build a template DOM to dynamically render projects for a particular user. Create a div with a particular ID (displayId) that will store the rendered projects. Then create a template (and use the id specified by templateId) and place tokens for each dynamic aspect of the project you want to render. Tokens are surrounded by {{ and }}. Valid project tokens are:

  • id
  • name
  • url
  • covers_115
  • covers_202
  • covers_404
  • created
  • modified
  • fields
  • appreciations
  • comments (the number of comments)
  • views


4/11/2014 Initial GitHub Release