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Read Me

GistCreator is a ColdFusion Builder extension for creating Gists. It requires you to have an existing Github username and password. It works with ColdFusion Builder 2 and ColdFusion 9.

Installation Notes

ColdFusion Builder has two ways to install extensions. One is to take the files for the extension and use the Import button in the extension view. If you clone the repository, you will want to use that option as well as ensuring you extract the files under your web root.

Github also allows you to download a zip of the file contents. This is where things may cause you trouble. ColdFusion Builder also has an Install option that works with zips. But if your zip is not in the right format, then the install will not work. If you grab the zip from Github, do not use this option. Instead, extract the files first and use the Import option.


5/31/2012: Instead of automatically creating the Gist, which I think is cool, we now stop first and prompt you. This allows you to tweak the filename, public visibility, and description. You can just submit the form though as the defaults are what they were before. There is no validation on the form now. Don't screw it up. The Stroz added some nice CSS too.

5/30/2012: Scott Stroz found that gistservice.cfc was using CF10 syntax for implicit structs. I figured I might as well remove the other CF10 thing too. So this will now fully work in CF9+

5/29/2012: Based on a suggest by Andy Matthews, the extension now returns the embed url in a nice little box you can quickly cut and paste.